Rock It Robot
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Rock-It Robot

Date: Oct 27 - Nov 13, 2022

Rock-It Robot

More than just a costume character, ROCK-IT is a high tech body puppet. ROCK-IT's glossy exterior is coated in Chromillusion, a spontaneously color changing paint. He is a regular chameleon of metalic colors. ROCK-IT projects an array of color changing lights through his chest, arms, and head. At night, he puts on his own light show.This nine foot tall gentle giant stands head and shoulders above any crowd. ROCK-IT has a built in sound system for speech, music, and sound effects. ROCK-IT has a fully animated animatronic face with moving eyes, brows and mouth making him all the more life like. ROCK-IT's hands and arms are built using a complex systems of joints and cables with independently moving fingers.
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