116th Edition of the State Fair of Louisiana: October 27 - November 13, 2022 (Closed Mondays & Tuesdays)
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Board of Directors


Ms. Liz Swaine Chairman of the Board Mr. Henry Burns 1st Vice Chairman
Mr. Andrew Shehee 2nd Vice Chairman Mr. David Means, III Secretary
Mr. James K. Elrod Treasurer Ms. Tari Bradford Immediate Past Chairman
Executive Committee
Mr. Doyle Adams
Mr. Jerry Boughton
Mr. Tari Bradford
Mr. Henry Burns
Mr. Thomas Carmody
Mr. Bobby Edmiston
Mr. James K. Elrod
Mr. David Means, III
Mr. Billy Montgomery
Mr. John Michael Moore
Mr. Woody C. Schick
Mr. Andrew Shehee
Ms. Liz Swaine
Mr. Don Updegraff

Mr. John Madison - Legal Council

Mr. Doyle Adams Mr. David Alvis Ms. Dottie Bell Mr. Jerry Boughton
Ms. Tari Bradford
Mr. Henry Burns
Mr. Roy Burrell
Mr. Thomas Carmody
Mr. Mario Chavez Ms. Deborah Coleman
Mr. Emile B. Cordaro
Mr. Darrin Dixon
Mr. Bobby Edmiston
Mr. James K. Elrod
Ms. Aljay Foreman
Ms. Wyolanda Douglas Hall
Ms. Susan Jorden
Mr. Jon Lowe
Mr. John W. Luster
Mr. Thomas L. Martin
Mr. David Means, III
Mr. Billy Montgomery
Mr. John Michael Moore
Mr. Fred Moss, IV
Mr. Robert Nance
Mr. David Ogletree
Sheriff Steve Prator
Mr. Paul Pratt
Mr. Harry Richardson
Mr. Woody C. Schick
Ms. Maria Vargas Sermons
Mr. Andrew Shehee
Mr. Eric Simmons
Mr. Adam Sistrunk
Mr. Jack "Bump" Skaggs
Mr. Jason D. Smith
Ms. Kay Stough
Ms. Liz Swaine
Mr. Dusty Taylor
Mr. Don Updegraff
Ms. Evelyn Valore
Mr. Wayne Waddell
Mayor Lorenz "Lo" Walker
Dr. Woodrow Wilson
Mayor of Shreveport
Shreveport City Council Chairman

Lifetime Members
Mr. Jack Dillard Ms. Maxine Sarpy
Ms. Mary Williams

Honorary Members /Directors
Shreveport City Council Governor of Louisiana Lt. Governor of Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture & Forestry
Chancellor - LSU AG President of Caddo Parish Commission President of Bossier Parish Police Jury

The State Fair of Louisiana is not operated for profit to any individual(s). All monies are reinvested, either in larger premiums or in improvements to its physical properties. The group of public-spirited people, including the Board of Directors, who financially supported this institution when it was organized were primarily interested in providing for our people an institution to assist them in developing the agricultural and industrial resources of the area served by it and for the civic betterment of our citizens. The directors give untiringly of their efforts in order that the operations may not be interrupted.

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