Shreveport, LA
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General Information

What are the Hours of Operation?

Do you have restroom facilities on site?

Is there a First Aid station nearby?

How long will animals be in the Livestock Area?

Do you have strollers, wagons or wheel chairs for rent? How much are they?

Do you have handicap parking?

Is there a FREE day at the fair?

How much does it cost to park?

Do you have security onsite?

I am handicap, can you give me a ride on your golf cart?

May I bring my golf cart to the fair?

Why do you charge so much for food?

Am I allowed to bring my own food or drink?

Do vendors take credit cards as a form of payment?

How much are corn dogs and turkey legs?

It started raining while I was at the fair, may I get a refund?

I forgot something in my car, am I allowed to reenter?

As a vendor, do I have to stay the full run of the Fair or can I just set up for the weekends?

Are food trucks allowed at the fair?

Does my Rodeo ticket get me in the fair?

Does my admission ticket to the fair get me into the Rodeo without buying a Rodeo ticket?

I want to use my EBT card at the fair to buy food and drinks. Do vendors take EBT cards?

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